Generic Replacement Sapphire Watch Glasses

Tailor made service for the watch repairers

Through these few decades, our company not only served for the watch makers and watch material wholesalers, but also the watch repairers all over the world.  Take watch repairers in Hong Kong as examples, we collect the orders from them by having their watch cases or the broken sapphire watch glasses of all watch models, we will then transport them back to our factory in Dong Guan and we will submit our quotation to them accordingly.

We could usually finish making a new genetic sapphire crystal by 7-20 days, depends on the complexity of the watch crystals and we will then deliver the finished crystals together with the watch cases to the repairers accordingly.

Herewith some of our work:


IMG_4103 IMG_1744 IMG_0105 IMG_7397 IMG_1610 IMG_3844

















***Please be noted that we are not affiliated with any Watches Brands nor Watches Companies.  All the replacement sapphire watch glasses are generic only!  All the Generic Sapphire glasses must be applied with the related glass glues and with specific knowledge with watch repairing.